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Delivery 7-15 Days
Surface Treatment Customized
Color Customized
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OEM/ODM Acceptable


Our advantage is professional technical production,high precision requirements,and more reasonable prices.With various advanced CNC lathes,5-axis turning and milling composites,automatic lathes,screw machines,computer spring machines,thread rolling machines,punching machines and other equipment,the company provides ISO 9001:2015 certification,professionally customized stainless steel,copper,iron,aluminum,Nylon,steel,Teflon and other materials CNC precision parts,fasteners,connectors,non-standard screws and nuts,bolts,pins,plugs and other hardware products.Provide one-stop service for the procurement of spare parts for machinery equipment,surveying and mapping equipment,fitness sports equipment,outdoor supplies,medical equipment,electromechanical,marine,automobile,toys and other industries.

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