Ring Alnico magnet manufacture

  • Ring Alnico magnet manufacture
  • Ring Alnico magnet manufacture

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Alnico magnet is an alloy made of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron and other materials.According to the different processing technology, it can be divided into casting alnico and sintering alnico.

Casting alnico has a high magnetic property and can be processed into different sizes and shapes. Sintering alnico has a simple process and can be directly pressed into the required size.

The advantage of alnico magnet is that its temperature coefficient is small, so the magnetic property caused by temperature change is very small.Its highest operating temperature can reach 400 degrees Celsius.At present, it is widely used in instruments, instruments and other products requiring high temperature stability.

The corrosion resistance of AlNiCo magnet is strong.

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Customized Guitar pickup magnet Alnico 2/3/4/5/8 magnet for pickup







Working Temperature

500°C for Alnico






Magnet+ Small Carton+Greed Foam+Iron + Big Carton


Industrial Field/Guitar pick up magnet

Ring Alnico magnet(图1)

Packing & Delivery


As the magnets have strong attraction and we will use the spacer to apart the magnets  each other in case people will be hurt when take it out. Then, they will be packed in a white box of pieces each, several boxes to a carton.

+By Air If the goods will be shipped by air, all the magnetic should be degaussed and we will use lron sheet to shield.

+By Sea: If the goods are will be shipped by sea, we will place a pallet on the bottom of cartons.

Product Display


Accept customer customization, a variety of shapes to meet all customer requirements.

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